Ben Harper - Diamonds On The Inside

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One cannot simply classify the raw appeal of Ben Harper. He is a musician, an artist and an individualist. Whether it's through the soul dances of southern Gospel, '70s funk or electric blues, Harper maintains a stance for a simple beauty. For nearly 10 years, Harper and his trademark Weissenborn guitar have been a saving grace in the capriciousness of corporate rock and roll. He never signed on to be a savior, but his modest approach in writing music takes on a life of its own. He's an explosive, energetic live performer. He's a flawless studio hound who's self-absorbed in each song. His fifth studio effort is heavy, funk laden with folky textures that have never sounded better. But at its core is a songwriter of uncommon sincerity.

1. With My Own Two Hands
2. When It's Good
3. Diamonds On The Inside
4. Touch From Your Lust
5. When She Believes
6. Brown Eyed Blues
7. Bring The Funk
8. Everything
9. Amen Omen
10. Temporary Remedy
11. So High So Low
12. Blessed To Be A Witness
13. Picture Of Jesus
14. She's Only Happy In The Sun

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