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I AP 1.5AP-J
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The primary use for this group of Audio Points™ is to improve loudspeaker performance and speaker stand up-grades. The materials generally used to elevate speakers and stands off the floor are hardened steels, lead and/or aluminum. High quality soft brass combined with applied physics employing our geometrical formula will conduct resonance at a much faster rate than that of other materials previously mentioned.

Audio Points methodology focuses on the multiple amplitudes of Coulomb's Friction (properties of resonance formed from vibration) and rapidly transfers them through the tip of the Audio Point to the greater mass or grounding plane below.

Additional Benefits:

Simply replacing the spike with the brass Audio Point™ creates a "live" tighter sounding loudspeaker. Listeners are amazed at the sonic improvement once the speaker is relieved from the detrimental effects of resonance problems.

Thread Size: 6mm - 1.00

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