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Introducing the SK-EX Electrostatic Excluder. The SK-EX completely removes electrostatic charges from LPs and all digital formats (CD, SACD, DVD, etc.). It can also be used on audio cables. The enclosure is lined with patented Thuderon felt which suppresses electrostatic build-up. Accommodates up to five discs or one LP (jacketed or unjacketed) at a time. Enjoy electrostatic free performances in minutes.

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posted on 11/13/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jeromelang
my colleagues and i tried this device with 3 sealed copies of the same recording on LPs which i carried over from singapore especially for this session. we used Mason Williams' Classical Gas which i bought like 20 copies a few years ago

1st copy - washed and treated inside this device 2nd copy - washed but no treatment 3rd copy - just treatment

the reason why we used 3 different copies is to make sure that we never played the same portion twice (since playing it twice on the same portion will produces different sound - due to groove wall deformation problem)

the 1st copy sound best. soundstage and frequency extension just literately opened up the 2nd copy sound closed in and slightly "harsh" the 3rd copy has the same spacious soundstaging, but it is slight less "flowing" what i think is washing did removed some debries from the grooves and that help smoothened the flow of the music. but at the same time, the LPs coming into contact with water had added some static which made the the LP sound closed-in and harsh.

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