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6- & 12-String Guitar is the album that gave notice to the world, or the part of it that pays attention to steel-string guitars, that 24-year-old Leo Kottke was remarkable. Known to aficionados as “the armadillo album,” for its cover illustration, the collection captured Kottke’s eclectic, innovative style in all its crispness, melodic vitality and rhythmic urgency. The release in 1969 of 6- & 12-String Guitar on the Takoma label amounted to automatic recognition and approval because the label was run by John Fahey, a modern pioneer of syncopated, finger-style guitar. Kottke has gone on to record dozens of albums and become an icon in the fingerpicking acoustic guitar business with a following that Rolling Stone says elevates him to “cult level.” He is a rarity, a popular guitar hero who has the respect of leading musicians of all genres.

1. The Driving Of The Year Nail
2. The Last Of The Arkansas Greyhounds
3. Ojo
4. Crow River Waltz
5. The Sailor's Grave On The Prairie
6. Vaseline Machine Gun
7. Jack Fig
8. Watermelon
9. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
10. The Fisherman
11. The Tennessee Toad
12. Busted Bicycle
13. The Brain Of The Purple Mountain
14. Coolidge Rising

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no one does it better

posted on 10/22/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Rob Prideaux
Bought this album originally, at its release in the early 70's - lucky enough to get an "import" pressing (in Australia, we used to get CBS etc cast off's - total crap.)

First listening left me spellbound at Kottke's mastery of the 12 (and 6!)string instrument - there are no "production tricks" to this album - just superb command of string and fret producing some of the most melodic and satisfying music to come from an accoustic guitar. Buy it! As I will be - to recapture the original sound (lost due to CD transfer of my rapidly failing original).

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