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Pro-Ject - Speed Box SE II




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Turntable Accessories

Electronically regulated speed change unit for Turntables.

• Can act as a power supply for both mains and 16V/AC units
• * Electronic speed change between 33 and 45 r.p.m.
• ** 78 r.p.m. also possible after fitting accessory pulley
• Quartz-generated high precision electronic speed regulation
• All functions microprocessor controlled
• Pitch control
• Voltage constant mains filter function with transformer mains decoupling
• Available in black and silver

* The Pro-Ject Debut III E, Debut III/Phono SB, 1 Xpression III Comfort, 2 Xperience Comfort, RPM 6.1 SB and RPM 6.1 SB SuperPack can not be used with the Speed Box SE
** 78 r.p.m. is not available for the Pro-Ject Debut III E, 2 Xperience, 2 Xperience Comfort, 2 Xperience SuperPack, RPM 9.1, RPM 9.1 SuperPack, RPM 9.1X and RPM 10.

Nominal speeds * 33 and 45 r.p.m. ** Optional 78 r.p.m.
Quartz oscillator Speed stability ± 0,001%
Pitch control ±20 steps/0,1 r.p.m.
Turntable connection 16V/AC 190mA max. (3W power consumption max.)
120V model only 120V/AC 25mA max. (3W power consumption max.)
230V model only 230V/AC 13mA max. (3W power consumption max.)
Power supply type Mains-fed outboard power supply
Output voltage 16V/1.000mA AC
Dimension W x H x D 103 x 72 x 145mm
Weight 1.360g without power supply