Matthias Jung/The Saxon Vocal Ensemble - Bouzignac: Motets, Motetten





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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Hybrid Multichannel SACD


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The works of Guillaume Bouzignac were discovered in manuscript in the municipal library in Tours in the early 20th century. Musical Scholars admired Bouzignac during his lifetime for the quality of his music, but after his death both his career and his oeuvre were forgotten for over 300 years. Matthias Jung and his choir reintroduce us to Bouzignac's music. Recorded in Surround Sound.

Dum Silentium
Alleluya, Deus dixit
Ego gaudebo in Domino
Vulnerasti cor meum
Tota pulchra est
Fuge, dilecte me
Ave Maria
Tu quis es
Stella refulget
Ex ore infantium
In pace in idipsum
Beati mortui
Hodie cum gaudio
Ecce festivitas amoris
Unus ex vobis
Quaeram quem diligit
Ecce homo
Clamant clavi
Ha! Plange
O! Flamma divini amoris
Te Deum
Jubilate Deo

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Beautiful voices, beautiful reverberation

posted on 10/06/2007
5 Stars
When I read Tacet's description of their "Real Surround" and saw how different parts of the chorus were dedicated to individual loudspeakers, even I (a very liberal thinker regarding how to deploy surround channels) was dubious, but the effect is simply gorgeous.

The spatial arrangement of the vocalists changes track by track and it's always very aesthetic. Even though the basses or sopranos may technically be coming from one speaker, the substantial reverberation (and perhaps the mixing) is such that you always hear an ensemble sound.

And the music of Bouzignac is a revelation itself.


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