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Turn to Webster's Dictionary and you'll find that "ripe" has a number of definitions, most of which revolve around the concept of being ready for use: "brought to perfection or the best state; completely matured." No surprise, then, that Ben Lee has named his sixth album Ripe. Having spent fully half of his 28 years crafting some of the catchiest tunes to be heard at discriminating radio everywhere, Lee is now poised to reap the same kind of mass appeal that he's already established in his native Australia – where he's taken home four ARIA Awards.

"I think this record will connect with anyone who has a genuine love of pop music," Lee says of his second effort for New West Records. "This isn't about using 'pop' as a means to a fast buck, or in a condescending way – it's about how things used to be, when quality pop records won out, and the best selling records were, simply, the best records."

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