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" was better than average at virtually everything one expects from a loudspeaker...the consummate all-arounder...Knowing that Vandersteen Audio has done so well, and that the Model 2 has come this far, is comforting in a way...Today's 2Ce Signature II is an unambiguously fine loudspeaker, and from what I recall of its forebears, the latest refinements have endowed it with even more openness and clarity." - Art Dudley, Stereophile, January 2007

The 2Ce Signature II continues the Model 2’s long tradition of offering the superb performance and value in a speaker that is always true to both science and music.

The 2Ce Signature II is more transparent and conveys spatial information better than any previous Model 2 series loudspeaker. The low frequencies are tighter and more detailed. The highs are cleaner and lower in distortion. With the addition of the 2Ce Signature, the Model 2 series reaches a new pinnacle of performance and musicality.

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 3 person(s) rated this product.

THE most spectacular sounding speaker I have heard for the price

posted on 07/16/2021
5 Stars
I was given a pair of Vandersteen 2CE speakers by a client of mine. I have not heard anything like them for their price-range.

Since the 70s these have been known as "the best speaker for the money that you can buy", and I absolutely agree.

The Best Value in High End Audio History

posted on 05/24/2017
5 Stars
Reviewer: Abeyout
You can buy speakers with a little more transparency and you can buy speakers with deeper bottom end response. But - the Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures are the best balanced speaker under $4000.00/pair. They have this "low listener fatigue" character that just gets the music right. However this magic character is only available if you pair it with the right amp. They sound OK with a good 100/125wpc amp but if you have the means hook the Vandy 2Ce Signatures up to a pair of 200/250 watt mono blocks with a tube preamp and you will be floored! One of best high end speaker values in audio history.


posted on 02/11/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: dub whitt
I have been listening to equipment and speakers, music that is , since the 50s. I have owned original marantz tube equip., mcintosh tube/ss, linn, cary, pass, ads,totem, vandersteen, b&w, to name a few and that is just a few. I have spent a fortune on equipment and music in the last 50 years, just sold my record collection of over 6000 lps, radio dj for many a enough of the background. I have owned vandersteen 2ce sig. with their Q sub which is set up for music and found it to be from top to bottom the most satisfying purchase in loudspeakers to date. Having the sub just added so much life to the midrange, percussion and strings, upper octaves that i really enjoyed it. You don't have to have the sub....the speaker itself is from top to bottom the most satisfying speaker i have listen too for the money. Most wives don't like it because it looks like and speaker with just the wrap, but it doesn't jump out with overwhelming presence., power is necessary.

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