Dyke & The Blazers - I Got A Message: Hollywood (1968-1970)


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Double LP

Pathfinding L.A. funk and soul music!

16 previously unreleased recordings plus all-new extensive liner notes by Alec Palao

Featuring the legendary players of the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

I Got A Message: Hollywood 1968-1970 is a new compilation album from funk legends Dyke & The Blazers. This collection features a range of songs from the band's time in Los Angeles — some of their last recordings before front man Arlester Christian's tragic death. The 21-track album features 16 previously unreleased recordings and includes their biggest hit "Let A Woman Be A Woman — Let A Man Be A Man," which has been sampled by many generations to follow — most notably by Tupac Shakur.

Side A
1. We Got More Soul [Full-Length Version]
2. Funky Walk [Full-Length Version]
3. The Wobble [Full-Length Version]
4. Shot Gun Slim
5. Bring It On Back

Side B
1. Let A Woman Be A Woman - Let A Man Be A Man
2. Funky Bull Pt. 1 [Full-Length Version]
3. It's Your Thing
4. My Sisters' And My Brothers' Day Is Comin'
5. Soul Cake
6. You Are My Sunshine

Side C
1. Booga Jivin'
2. Black Boy
3. Moon
4. Stuff [Full-Length Version]
5. Runaway People [Full-Length Version]

Side D
1. WUFO Radio Spot
2. Funky Bull Pt. 1 [Promo Edit]
3. Do It Together [Original Mix]
4. Day IsComin' [Demo]
5. The Walk [Part One - East]
6. I'm So Alone [Alternate Take]

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