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Band Of Heathens - Stranger


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Stranger, the 2020 release from Band of Heathens

There's a certain familiarity to the type of rock 'n' roll the Band of Heathens record, as if someone made you the perfectly curated mix tape of sinewy Rolling Stones rockers, aching Eagles ballads, and Gram Parsons weepers, writes Rolling Stone. It's ironic then that the band called its new album Stranger.

Stranger is a warm, enveloping album with a positive message of understanding and compassion that's just right for the times — call it "comfort rock." The incongruous title comes from how the band members saw themselves while making the LP.

While most of the group, including singer-guitarist Gordy Quist, is based in Austin, Ed Jurdi, the five-piece's other frontman, resides in Asheville, North Carolina. In late 2019, the Band of Heathens left behind Quist's Austin studio, their de facto clubhouse, for Portland, Oregon, to work with producer Tucker Martine (My Morning Jacket, the Avett Brothers).

"We've never gone away to live together as a band in a city where we have no family or friends and just make a record like that," Quist says. "We purposely wanted to change things up geographically and see what happened musically. Little did we know that we'd be isolating ourselves right before a year of forced isolation. Everything was very strange, and (Stranger) just seemed to be an appropriate title for the times and for the work."

The album is produced by Tucker Martine and includes 10 new originals, including "South by Somewhere," "Call Me Gilded," "Black Cat" and more. Produced by Tucker Martine.

Side A
1. Vietnorm
2. Dare
3. Black Cat
4. How Do You Sleep?
5. Call Me Gilded

Side B
1. South by Somewhere
2. Asheville Nashville Austin
3. Truth Left
4. Today Is Our Last Tomorrow
5. Before The Day Is Done

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