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There is a laundry list of things that were ruined for Fletcher by her ex. She runs down just a few of her former favorites; gin and tonic, reality TV shows, and Quest protein bars top her list. “And obviously my mental health,” she adds with a laugh.

But of all the things she feels are tainted by the sting of heartbreak, the 25-year-old singer cites New York City as the worst example. So, she decided to name her new EP (out today) accordingly: You Ruined New York City For Me

Fletcher describes her new EP as a “page ripped out of my diary,” as it tracks the worst -- and first -- heartbreak she has ever experienced. “When something like that happens to you for the first time, it's just really hard to get your bearings, because you've never been through anything like that before,” she tells Billboard. “Like, you can't see that in the moment, because you have never experienced something that felt so intense on so many different levels.”

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