Joel McNeely With The Royal Scottish National Orchestra - The Last Of The Mohicans

 (Original Motion Picture Score)


Varese Sarabande



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As the English and French soldiers battle for control of the North American colonies in the 18th century, the settlers and native Americans are forced to take sides. Cora and her sister Alice unwittingly walk into trouble but are saved by Hawkeye, an orphaned settler adopted by The Last Of The Mohicans.

Randy Edelman and Trevor Jones capture the battle with such dignity and respect in this classic film from 1992. In 2000, Joel McNeely with the help of the world famous Royal Scottish National Orchestra performed one of Varese Sarabande's best re-recordings to this date.



1. Main Title
2. Elk Hunt
3. Bridge At Lacrosse
4. Garden Scene
5. Ambush
6. The Glade
7. Fort Battle
8. The Courier
9. The Kiss
10. Stockade
11. Massacre
12. Ascent/Pursuit
13. Promontory
14. Top Of The World

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