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Cardas - Replacement Cable for Sennheiser HD 580, HD 600 & HD 650 Headphones (15 ft.)




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In addition to the dramatically better sounding conductor, the eutectic brass 1/4-inch phono jack with rhodium-over-silver plating makes the biggest sonic difference by reducing channel-to-channel crosstalk. As a result, the conductive path is essentially a thin, silver tube. Similar conductors are made of nickel-plated brass (sometimes with a gold flash) and do not constitute a low-resistance, low-inductance path. The Cardas cable is cleaner, clearer and more detailed than the stock Sennheiser, as well as less ear-fatiguing, and it is built to last.

  • Headphone cable upgrade for Sennheiser HD-580, HD-600 and HD-650
  • Pure copper litz conductor
  • Golden Ratio, Constant Q and Cross-Field configuration
  • Eutectic brass 1/4-inch phono jack with rhodium-over-silver plating

Note: Headphones not included.

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