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Sumiko - Blackbird

Sumiko - Blackbird




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Blackbird is designed for exceedingly-low noise levels and wide dynamic range. The main advantage of a high-output moving coil cartridge is the elimination of any additional gain stages, resulting in an overall reduction of the noise floor. The best possible signal-to-noise ratio is realized with a 2.5mv output directly driving a standard 47k Ohm RIAA phono stage.

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Excellent Match for VPI Scoutmaster

posted on 10/03/2007
5 Stars
I purchased the Sumiko Blackbird to replace a Shure V15 cartridge I had mounted on my VPI Scoutmaster turntable. The Blackbird is the perfect match for the Scoutmaster. Not only is the cartridge a piece of cake to set up (it has tapped screw holes in the top so you don't have to fool with small nuts like you do on the Shure), but the weight ratio seems perfect for a simple set up of the tracking force (i.e. no need for headshell weights). Also, I have yet to have this cartridge skip whereas the feature-weight Shure would skip and bounce any time someone entered the room. Last, but not least, the sound is incredible! This is certainly the best cartridge I have owned, and I am enjoying listening to my entire record collection all over again!

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