Dusty Springfield - Ooooooweeee!!!

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180-gram mono reissue

One of Dusty's rarest and most desirable albums from this era, Ooooooweeee!!!, issued in March 1965, was another fascinating potpourri of U.K. singles tracks, stray EP and LP cuts, and material initially exclusive to the release. Among the latter were several songs Springfield recorded in New York such as "Here She Comes" and "If Wishes Could Be Kisses," the mono takes of which have different vocal parts to the stereo.

Premium Cool is a vinyl-only imprint label. Each re-release on the label features a rare vintage LP replicated in exacting fashion, with correct original mixes, remastered sound, and authentic artwork reproduction.


1. Losing You
2. Here She Comes
3. One Upon A Time
4. He's Got Something
5. You Don't Own Me
6. Now That You're My Baby
7. If Wishes Were Kisses
8. I'll Love You For A While
9. I Wanna Make You Happy
10. Your Hurtin' Kind Of Love
11. When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
12. I Want Your Love Tonight

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