Little Steven - Soulfire

 (With D Side Etching)


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Vinyl Record

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Gatefold double LP

Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Praise from Mixing Engineer Bob Clearmountain for Quality Record Pressings' production of "Soulfire"!

"Guys, I just received from you and listened to test pressings of Steve Van Zant's 'Soulfire' album, which I mixed. I actually never thought vinyl could sound this good, especially a record as dense as this one! I'm more of a digital man myself, especially considering my wife, Betty Bennett is founder, owner and president of Apogee Electronics, a digital audio converter company. We got a few TP's from various other plants that were rather disappointing, losing most of the drum and percussion transients. I rejected all of them. The Quality TP's simply sparkle on the transients, while maintaining a clear, firm bottom end. I miss absolutely nothing from my mixes-the pressings sound absolutely flawless to me, even when A/B'ing them to the digital mastered ref from Bob Ludwig at Gateway.

"To be honest, I've never been much of a fan of vinyl, even back when that was all there was (other than cassettes, which I'm quite glad are gone for good) but now you guys have made me the vinyl fan I never was. You also pressed the Lori Lieberman record I mixed last year with which I was equally impressed. I hope you guys do the vinyl pressing of all my current and future mixes. I will certainly be recommending you!

"Now I wish my car had a record player in it!"

Bob Clearmountain

Well. With words of praise like that from a mixing engineer with Bob Clearmountain's experience, how could we not emphasize how fantastic-sounding this LP pressed by Quality Record Pressings truly is. As Bob says, the test pressings demonstrated "a sparkle on the transients, while maintaining a clear, firm botttom end. I miss absolutely nothing from my mixes — the pressings sound absolutely flawless to me, even when A/B'ing them to the digital mastered ref(erence) from Bob Ludwig at Gateway."

And what a truly great title this new album from Steven Van Zandt is, indeed. Van Zandt, the longtime guitarist of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, actor on the TV hit series The Sopranos playing the role of Silvio, and programmer of SiriusXM satellite radio's acclaimed Underground Garage channel, debuts his first solo album in two decades. Soulfire includes 12 songs including the title track, "Saint Valentine's Day" and "Love On The Wrong Side Of Town" written by Steven and Bruce Springsteen.

"Steven and his Disciple of Souls backing unit attack the material with the fever, fervor and, well, fire of Springsteen at his most soulful. These recordings crackle and explode out of the speakers with a wall of sound approach that brings a widescreen audio ferocity to the hour-long program that never lets up. The cinematic association is particularly relevant on a cover of James Brown's 'Down and Out in New York City' from Brown's Black Caesar soundtrack where Steven sharply recreates the 'blaxploitation' sound — right down to the wah-wah guitar, horns and strings — first popularized with Isaac Hayes' music for 'Shaft'."

1. Soulfire
2. I’m Coming Back
3. The Blues Is My Business
4. I Saw The Light
5. Some Things Just Don’t Change
6. Love On The Wrong Side Of Town
7. The City Weeps Tonight
8. Down And Out In New York City
9. Standing In The Line Of Fire
10. Saint Valentine’s Day
11. I Don’t Want TO Go Home
12. Ride The Night Away

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