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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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Distinguished American composer Lukas Foss is renowned for his diversity and experimental style. His body of well over 100 works was referred to by Aaron Copland as "among the most original and stimulating compositions in American music." Although a complex score, the opera Griffelkin was designed to appeal to children from 8 to 80, and its kaleidoscopic range of colors superbly brings out the fantastical, fairytale qualities of the libretto.

Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Marion Dry, contralto - Devil's Grandmother
Kendra Colton, soprano - Griffelkin
Elizabeth Keusch, soprano - Statue
Yeghishe Manucharyan, tenor - Letterbox
Drew Poling, baritone - First Lion
David M. Cushing, bass - Second Lion
Emily Browder, soprano - A Boy
Misa Ann Iwama, mezzo-soprano - A Girl
Janna Baty, soprano - Their Mother
Aaron Engebreth, baritone - Policeman
Lynn Torgove, mezzo-soprano - Shopkeeper
Anne Harley, soprano - First Housewife
Anne Carolyn Bird, soprano - Second Housewife
Glorivy Arroyo, mezzo-soprano - Third Housewife
David M. Cushing, bass - Oldest Devil
Back Bay Chorale
Members of Boston Children's Opera, and guests


Act I (Prologue)
'When the moon grows round and the dark grows double'
'You haven't swept up very snugly'
'Hurry up now! Light the fire!'
Dance - 'You have learned to bewitch'
'O Grandmother, you mean I can play in the world'

Act II
'Head over heels now here I come!'
'Bottle, we're off!'
'I'll try over there across the square'
'Good morning. Good gracious, you look like the devil'
'I've made a mistake'
'Why, why can't you leave us'
'Did you turn them back into stone?'
'Where have you been?'
'Have I been dreaming?'
'Now you can see, I'm a master of magic'
'Come dance, come dance, round and round'
'Toys! Fiddlers, drummers!'
'Oh no! Oh no! Who would believe it!'


'Disaster, calamity, dreadful, insane'
'Almost empty, only a drop'
'Mother, your lips are silent'
'Here I am!'
'Tell me please, tell me only: what is death?'
'I'll bring her back with a sprinkle of magic'
'Good! Good! Good! Good!'
'O, dark winds will haunt me'
'Why Griffelkin, good morning!'
'What a strange, round world'

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