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140-gram vinyl 2016 reissue

Coming October 2016, Geffen/Universal Music Enterprises is reissuing Weezer’s first six albums on standard 140-gram vinyl. The SoCal quartet’s incredible run of Geffen Records releases – 1994’s Weezer (The Blue Album), 1996’s Pinkerton, 2001’s Weezer (The Green Album), 2002’s Maladroit, 2005’s Make Believe and 2008’s Weezer (The Red Album) – helped redefine the genre, mixing guitar hooks with a sense of geek-smart humor that radiated into the band’s popular live act and multitude of cutting-edge videos and visuals.

Few bands emerged as fully formed as Weezer, with its reimagined vision of rock ‘n' roll. With 17 million albums sold worldwide, and two LPs on Rolling Stone's list of most influential ever made, the L.A. quartet helmed by singer-guitarist Rivers Cuomo proved to be as popular as they are pioneering.

The fourth studio album by Weezer and self-produced by the band, Maladroit was quickly certified gold by the RIAA after its release. The cover art was chosen from a contest ran through the band s website. Weezer asked for submissions and their favorite of these was chosen as the cover art seen today.

The songs on these vinyl reissues truly speak for themselves; chances are, you already know quite a lot of them, from Maladroit‘s "Keep Fishin'" (whose video epically featured the band in an episode of The Muppet Show) to Weezer (The Red Album)‘s "Pork and Beans" to Make Believe‘s Aughts-defining anthem "Beverly Hills," and more. These vinyl reissues serve as a brilliant refresher course for the story of band who are still making an indelible mark on music today.

1. American Gigolo
2. Dope Nose
3. Keep Fishin'
4. Take Control
5. Death and Destruction
6. Slob
7. Burndt Jamb
8. Space Rock
9. Slave
10. Fall Together
11. Possibilities
12. Love Explosion
13. December

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