Hiram Bullock - Late Night Talk





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Single Layer Stereo SACD

Single Layer Stereo SACD

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Japanese pressing. "Hiram Bullock claimed that he had never done a 'jazz' album before this — which is a debatable proposition depending upon how limiting your definition of jazz is. What counts is that he has come up with a beautiful album, drenched in soul-jazz yet touching upon popular music genres as well. Bullock didn't have to change much, utilizing his subdued and rock-tinged guitar styles at will, occasionally bursting out in full rock regalia and making tasty use of electronic additives." — AllMusic

1. I Got A Rite
2. Long Time Gone
3. All Fall Down
4. Creepin’
5. Sugar
6. Late Night Talk With You
7. Morning
8. Gotta Get Your Jollys
9. Now It’s Time (To Sing The Blues)
10. Here’s That Rainy Day

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