Billy Joel - Greatest Hits Volume III

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180 Gram LP

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In his own inimitable fashion, Billy Joel has crafted some of the catchiest pop hits of the '80s and '90s, and most of them — 17, to be exact — are on this disc. The jaunty, nostalgic "Keeping the Faith" opens things up, and we cruise right down memory lane with Billy: through the pop-soul of "A Matter of Trust," the brash, rocking "I Go to Extremes" and "All About Soul" (remixed here to good effect).

Joel has grown over the course of his long career, and you can trace his maturity as an artist through these later songs. The tone is a bit darker, a bit edgier than on his earlier tunes. This is an artist who has always been about making pop music, but he's also lived and learned: "You gotta get tough/but that ain't enough/it's all about soul." Fans will probably agree, and will enjoy this collection immensely.

For a very limited time, Friday Music is enhancing your listening enjoyment with gatefold cover artwork, which features the original LP sized cover art not seen in years, as well as lyrics to all of these great Billy Joel songs, making this a keepsake for years to come.

Side 1
Keeping The Faith
An Innocent Man
A Matter Of Trust
Baby Grand (duet w/ Ray Charles)

Side 2
This Is The Time
We Didn’t Start The Fire
I Go To Extremes

Side 3
And So It Goes
The Downeaster “Alexa”
All About Soul (remix)
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)

Side 4
The River Of Dreams
To Make You Feel My Love
Hey Girl
Light As The Breeze

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