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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP  

180-gram LP with deluxe embossed jacket

Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Oklahoma band Turnpike Troubadours has slowly built up its devoted fan base over the past eight years and now attracts sell-out crowds in and around its home state. It released its latest album, Turnpike Troubadours, on its own record label, Bossier City.

The Troubadours new self-titled album has a big wall sound full of classic country twang that smacks listeners like a thick southern accent. Each song on the album is fleshed out and rich with texture, writes Speaking of texture, the heavy embossing on the cover depicts luxurious hand-tooled leather; the platters inside are flat, thick 180-gram, unbelieveably devoid of surface noise LPs pressed at Quality Record Pressings, the world's leader in audiophile vinyl pressing.

For those unfamiliar with the band, they're from Oklahoma and sound like what describes as likely to come out of a late-night meeting between Woody Guthrie and Waylon Jennings in a small-town dance hall, all while The Pogues played on the jukebox.

The Troubadours are well known for including dynamic themes and stories in their music. Their songs cover a range of folk themes, like what would've happened if you had married your high school sweetheart or what it'd be like for a prodigal son to make his way home for the first time in years to attend a funeral.


Side 1
1. The Bird Hunters
2. The Mercury
3. Down Here
4. Time Of Day
5. Ringing In The Year

Side 2
6. Long Drive Home
7. Easton & Main
8. 7 Oaks
9. Fall Out Of Love
10. Bossier City

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