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With roots in the Los Angeles country and folk-rock scenes, Linda Ronstadt became one of the most popular
interpretive singers of the 1970s, earning a string of platinum-selling albums and Top 40 singles. Ronstadt's appeal crossed so many genre lines it's impossible to categorize her as anything other than a gifted vocalist. She enjoyed success on country and rock charts alike with a voice that capably handled the requirements of both styles.

There was a commanding roughness to her you-did-me-wrong classic, "You're No Good," that mixed both soul and R&B stylings into her vocals. In a similar vein, she handled the Motown standard, "Heat Wave," like a pro, this time giving it the slightest hint of a country twang. She even rose to the occasion of covering Buddy Holly's "That'll Be the Day." This 12-track collection also features her first hit, "Different Drum." The song, which was written by Mike Nesmith of The Monkees, came out in 1967 on the second album from Ronstadt's short-lived folk-rock trio, The Stone Poneys.

Ronstadt had some of her best moments with material that had a more emotional element, regardless of genre. "Love Is a Rose" and "Tracks of My Tears" are good examples of the disparate styles she could navigate with equal aplomb. Greatest Hits doesn't chronicle Rondstadt's hits past the mid-1970s, but is still worth owning, not only for the songs themselves, but as a point of reference in her career.






1. You’re No Good
2. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
3. Desperado
4. Love Is A Rose
5. That’ll Be The Day
6. Long, Long Time
7. Different Drum
8. When Will I Be Loved
9. Love Has No Pride
10. Heat Wave
11. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
12. Tracks Of My Tears

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Not The One

posted on 08/31/2015
3 Stars
Reviewer: audiofan
I did a direct comparison between "You're No Good" (the lead-off track here) and my 1st generation Capitol pressing of "Heart Like A Wheel", which, of course, this track is from. This Rhino re-issue lacks the overall clarity and detail of the original, especially in the treble and upper-midrange. It sounds veiled and compressed by comparison. Cymbals and background vocals seem just a bit muted, and the seperation of the instruments in the soundfield seems compressed - it's just not as deep & wide. To compound matters, there is a bit of groove noise or "rumble" present - although you may not notice this unless you turn up the gain a bit.This version should be considered only if you are unable to locate a near-mint copy of the original. Maybe 3.5 stars?

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