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Hybrid Stereo SACD

Hybrid Stereo SACD

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Charles Mingus' classic Tijuana Moods is now available on Hybrid Stereo SACD from ORG! Recorded in 1957 but not released until 1962, Tijuana Moods has been hailed by Mingus himself as "one of the best discs I have ever made!" Mastered for SACD by Bernie Grundman.

When this album was released in 1962, it was honored with the maximum number of stars that Downbeat, the most famous of all jazz magazines, could award. Is there any better proof that the composer and arranger Charlie Mingus was ahead of his time? As a double bassist he was rather less virtuosic than his fellow musicians — and not just on these recordings.

However, these five numbers earned every single star of the five they were awarded. They illustrate his masterly handling of Mexican folk music and his skill in integrating it into his jazz. The small ensemble of Clarence Shaw, whom Mingus described as a super-improviser on the trumpet, Jimmy Knepper, a technical ace on the trombone, the legendary tenor saxophone player Shafi Hadi, and his longstanding friend Dannie Richmond on the drums all earn the very highest recognition, even though the sextet of 1963-64 once more enhanced their creativity in later years.

1. Dizzy Moods
2. Ysabel's Table Dance
3. Tijuana Gift Shop
4. Los Mariachis (The Street Musicians)
5. Flamingo

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Warm yet detailed with a huge soundstage

posted on 03/03/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brian
When some of the horn instruments play (trombones I think), the sound has this warmth like you imagine a record could sound. Contrast that with sounds that are sharp and sometimes close to piercingly bright. There are so many instruments that I suppose the sounds run the gamut from soft and warm to sharp and bright The details are all there - cymbal decays, bass finger strokes, etc. Overall, I think the sound has a very nice, natural balance, and some of the instruments sound awfully close to being really there.

The sound stage is huge. When I close my eyes, the sound seems to stretch a little farther than the confines of my speakers. On top of that, there is not only center fill, but seemingly continuous fill from left to right. You won't believe it when everyone seems to be playing at once.

Great job overall. I give this a 5+ I also have the Speakers Corner version of this on vinyl, and the SACD has better dynamics and less surface noise..

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