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When bebop took over from swing, it was feared that the trombone was on its way to becoming a minor instrument. Few other than J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding could figure out how to play the potentially-awkward trombone at the rapid speeds favored by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. However Curtis Fuller, who emerged in the mid-1950s, developed a style inspired by J.J. Johnson that became an influential force and helped to save the instrument. 

"Sparking the current Jazz scene are 3 talents ably represented on the enclosed album... Curtis Fuller, Benny Golson and Tommy Flanagan. No strangers the the Savoy stable.... All three represent the type of considered-opinion-voicing that has made news for jazz in recent times. Not just blowing experts who 'wail' frantically at the drop of an A&R man's arm, they pursue a considered, planned format in jazz that contains creative voices in both the writing and performing areas. In the rhythym department, they are ably supported by the voices of Al Harewood and Jimmy Garrison, accomplished musicians who tastefully complement the proceedings and perform ably on their own limited solo chores. 

"Although leadership on this album falls to Curtis Fuller, and his excitement-provoking new thoughts on trombone, perhaps the major influence it its total performance lies with Benny Golson, composer of 2 tracks, and major young jazz influence today. Fuller's 2 charts, 'Blues-ette' and 'Twelve-Inch' share the lean, long, spare lines of Benny's 'Five Spot After Dark' and 'Minor Vamp'..." — H. Alan Stein, original liner notes

Side 1
1. Five Spot After Dark
2. Undecided
3. Blues-ette

Side 2
4. Minor Vamp
5. Love Your Spell Is Everywhere
6. Twelve-Inch

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