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Over the subaquatic drum loop and synth chords that open Love Letters, Metronomy singer Joseph Mount repeats a pleading refrain: “I’ve gotta beam a message to you.” The sentiment might be a simple one—he’s smitten—but the album that follows is anything but. The band’s fourth full-length is filled with emotionally piercing electro-soul that’s rich with off-kilter invention. Mount’s obsession with love inspires him to send letters across the sea ("Love Letters"), plot a whimsical weekend tryst (“Never Wanted”), and ponder astrological compatibility (“I’m Aquarius”). While these gestures might be time-tested fodder for love songs, there’s extraordinary freshness in the execution—from the bouncing, future-disco groove and warm horn lines on “The Most Immaculate Haircut” to the pseudo-Baroque vintage organ riffs of “Monstrous.”

1. The Upsetter
2. I'm Aquarius
3. Monstrous
4. Love Letters
5. Month of Sundays
6. Boy Racers
7. Call Me
8. The Most Immaculate Haircut
9. Reservoir
10. Never Wanted

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