The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP


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180-gram black vinyl double LP

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Includes "Wild Frontier" and "Nasty"

Founded in 1990 by Liam Howlett, the Prodigy are credited as pioneers of the big beat genre and paving the way for the underground rave scene. The group is known for their unique and incendiary live performances and have been called "the premiere dance act for the alternative masses." With this, their sixth studio album on the way, the Prodigy have sold more than 25 million records worldwide.

"I didn't plan this album to sound violent, it's just the sound that came out of the studio, a kind of build up over the last four years," says Liam Howlett of The Day Is My Enemy. "The tension is buried deep in the music right from the ?rst drop. It's all about the sound having that sense of danger. That's what The Prodigy sound is about."

Side 1
1. The Day is My Enemy
2. Nasty
3. Rebel Radio
4. Ibiza - feat. Sleaford Mods

Side 2
5. Wild Frontier
6. Get Your Fight On
7. Invisible Sun
8. Wall Of Death

Side 3
9. Destroy
10. Rhythm Bomb – feat. Flux Pavilion
11. Beyond The Deathray

Side 4
12. Rok-Weiler
13. Roadblox
14. Medicine

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