Grant Green - Green Street

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Music Matters (Blue Note)



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As the most prolific guitarist on Blue Note's roster, Grant Green was very busy during 1960-65, appearing in all types of settings with his fellow all-stars. However Green Street is quite unique for it showcases Green in a trio with bassist Ben Tucker and drummer Dave Bailey.

Because Green rarely played chords, instead concentrating on single-note lines, hearing him in this sparse setting is similar to hearing a brilliant tenor-saxophonist such as Sonny Rollins in a piano-less trio. Recorded April 1, 1961, Green Street features the guitarist stretching out on three originals, "Round Midnight" and "Alone Together."

With Tucker and Bailey hanging on every Green phrase and reacting immediately to his musical thoughts, the focus is almost entirely on the guitarist. Grant Green comes up with consistently surprising and rewarding ideas, taking these songs on unexpected trips and creating music for the ages. Few other guitarists or saxophonists of the time could have excelled in this setting on the level of Green. Heard in brilliant sound, Green Street is one of the most essential recordings of Grant Green.

1. No. 1 Green Street
2. ‘Round About Midnight
3. Grant’s Dimensions
4. Green With Envy
5. Alone Together
6. Green With Envy
7. Alone Together

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