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1969 Japanese pressing Michigan Collection

180-gram audiophile vinyl mastered by Friday Music's Joe Reagoso!

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One of the BEST albums they ever made!!!

Blood, Sweat & Tears are truly a worldwide gift to rock and jazz fusion enthusiasts everywhere. Over four decades in the music business and still going strong, their hit albums and top charting singles continue to captivate millions of fans all over the globe.

In 1969, BS&T's lead vocalist David Clayton-Thomas entered this stellar group of jazz and rock musicians, bringing a handful of new songs as they delivered the monumental Grammy Album of the Year with Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Winner of three Grammy Awards in 1970, this absolutely mind-blowing album peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. charts, staying there for seven weeks, going double platinum by the end of 1969 and stayed on the Top 40 for 66 weeks.

For a brief period at the end of the '60s and the start of the '70s, Blood, Sweat & Tears, which fused a rock & roll rhythm section to a horn section, held out the promise of a jazz-rock fusion that could storm the pop charts. The band was organized in New York in 1967 out of the remnants of the Blues Project by keyboard player/singer Al Kooper and guitarist Steve Katz of that group, and saxophonist Fred Lipsius. The rhythm section consisted of bassist Jim Fielder and drummer Bobby Colomby, and the horn section was filled out by trumpeters Randy Brecker and Jerry Weiss and trombonist Dick Halligan.

This eight-piece band signed to Columbia Records and recorded Blood, Sweat &Tear's debut album, Child Is Father to the Man, which was released in February 1968. Cofounder Kooper then departed, and the group was reorganized. Singer David Clayton-Thomas was added, Halligan moved to the keyboards, and trumpeters Chuck Winfield and Lew Soloff replaced Brecker and Weiss, with Jerry Hyman being added on trombone. This nine-piece unit, working with producer James William Guercio, made Blood, Sweat & Tears' self-titled second album, released in January 1969.

Blood, Sweat & Tears was a runaway hit, spawning three gold-selling Top 10 singles, "You've Made Me So Very Happy," "Spinning Wheel," and "And When I Die," selling three million copies and winning the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. It was also Blood, Sweat & Tears' highwater mark. Guercio left to work on a similar concept with Chicago Transit Authority, and Blood, Sweat & Tears increasingly became a backup group for Clayton-Thomas. Nevertheless, the third album, Blood, Sweat & Tears 3 (1970), and the fourth, Blood, Sweat & Tears 4 (1971), were substantial hits.



Side 1
1. Variations on a Theme By Eric Satie (1st and 2nd Movements)
2. Smiling Phases
3. Sometimes in Winter
4. More and More
5. And When I Die
6. God Bless the Child

Side 2
7. Spinning Wheel
8. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy
9. Blues Part II
10. Variations On A Theme By Eric Satie

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Great record and great pressing

posted on 02/06/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tim Hensley
I have a original pressing but it has quite a bit pops and cracks. Honestly I never listen to it it was one of my 2nd hand store buys but after I started listening to jazz I really appreciated this record . I bought this because 45rpm was to expensive on the secondary market got tired of waiting on the repress so I grab this the week it came out . Fridays pressing is really good honestly it’s not as dynamic as the original but it’s dead quite and flat and sounds great . After getting this I don’t think I’ll get the 45rpm if it comes around because I feel like this is good enough but my obsession might get the better of me . Last if your looking for a clean copy of this record trust me buy this it’s worth the money plus some .. the album jacket is done well too!

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