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The Carl Verheyen Band - Rumor Mill

The Carl Verheyen Band - Rumor Mill

AIX Records



Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

This is the second AIX Records Collector's Edition and is the first time that they've included a live concert performance on one their DVDs. This title is also unique because it is their first release that was shot in HiDef video.

The Carl Verheyen Band is fronted by Carl, guitarist for Supertramp and studio player to the stars. With Cliff Hugo (also of Supertramp) on bass and Bernie Dresel, drummer for Brian Setzer's Orchestra and Trio, this band plays acoustically and in front of a live audience on this DualDisc project.

CD Side

Acoustic Session
Wildflower #2
Henry's Farm
Silence Is Golden
Two Trains Running

Electric Session
Lone Star
Holly House
Passing Through
Slang Justice

Live Concert
Down Like Hail
Revival Downs
No Walkin' Blues
Highland Shuffle
Maggie's Ladder
Place For Me
Rumor Mill
Wasted Blues

DVD Side
Live Concert Performance and Studio Session Recordings
Guitar Demonstrations (Part of Carl's Vintage Collection)
Guitar Master Class
Photo Gallery
Extensive Artist Bios
Complete Session Video
Alternate 5.1 channel surround mixes "Stage" and "Audience" POV
Extensive Interactive Liner Notes on the Performers, Session and Technical Info
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Be the first to write a review for this item OR just rate it

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