Thelma Houston & Pressure Cooker - I've Got the Music in Me

Thelma Houston & Pressure Cooker - I've Got the Music in Me


Sheffield Lab



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CSHE 10076
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A blend of R&B and rock featuring vocalist Thelma Houston.

“There is no doubt that this new Treasury edition of Thelma Houston is a high quality recording. There is enough bass energy and punchiness to satisfy any audiophile.” – High Performance Review

1. I've Got the Music in Me
2. Reggae Tune [instrumental]
3. To Know You Is to Love You
4. Pressure Cooker [instrumental]
5. Don't Misunderstand
6. Step in Time [instrumental]
7. Dish Rag [instrumental]
8. Got to Get You into My Life/I've Got the...

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 5 person(s) rated this product.

Obviously the best record ever made

posted on 07/15/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Rick
I was lucky enough to obtain one of the first 100 copies of this recording through a friend. It is the most amazing album I own. I have never come across any other album that matches the sound quality. Even on a piece of crap stereo, the quality of this album comes through.If you get a change to obtain the album, it is well worth the experience.

If you don't own a copy - GET ONE!

posted on 09/24/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ned
I first heard the direct-to-disc LP back in the 70's at a friends house. He had an impressive high-end system. The original disc sounded fantastic. I didn't buy a copy then because I was a poor college student. When I saw that the CD version was available, I immediately bought a copy. The CD version is just about as awesome as the original LP, and the CD version is incredible. Any of the Sheffield Lab LP's were great (I own a few), but this one was superb.

No Doubt One of the Finest Recordings Ever Made

posted on 06/14/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: A G Hagberg - Santa Cruz
This is a Jazz album, originally released as a Sheffield Direct-to-Disc LP. It crosses over from the Jazz genre in much the same way that Blood Sweat & Tears bridged the gap between rock, jazz, blues and folk. I owned it for many years and then made the mistake of loaning it out. I looked for a new copy in vain for many years and only now discovered this re-issue on CD, which will just have to do for now, although truly this album and quite a few other Direct-to-Disc LPs rivaled the new CDs, especially the early ones with only 2X oversampling.

Thelma Houston and Pressure Cooker really do cook - I mean they sizzle and pop and it's just like you were there in the studio with them. But, the sound quality isn't the only aspect of this album that makes it great. The musicianship and Thelma's vocals are fantastic. Okay, what about the material? Some the best. "To Know You Is To Love You" is the best version ever. Buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Revival of direct-todisc recordings on CD ?

posted on 11/25/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: Harry van den Berg
30 Years ago I had an exiting hobby.I was collecting High-End stereo equipment within a reasonable budget.Now I'm running my own project-studio and engineer and produce. I'm still happy that I started in the analog years.The first audiophile album I bought that time, was this album of Thelma Houston & Pressure Cooker,on vinyl. It was a real treasure for me. I was aware of the vinyl-cutting techniques.A technique which contained many obstacles.This recording is a true direct-to-disc recording,which meant that each side of this album was recorded and thus also produced in one pass.If one track failed musically and/or technically,the whole process had to be started all over again from the beginning.The man who operated the cuttinglathe adjusted every track by hand (level. dynamics,and so on).The recording/mixing engineer had to adjust the mixingdesk between tracks within 6 to 8 seconds. For the musicians the steam was on. They were the best.My advice: buy this record !!

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