The Damned - The Black Album

 (Numbered Limited Edition)


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200 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

200 Gram LP  

200-gram black vinyl pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Limited to 500 copies, foil numbered

Mastered for vinyl by Masterdisk

Faithful reproduction of the original jacket art, printed at Stoughton Printing

Every Damned record is different. And every one takes the band's signature sound in a new direction. The Black Album is no exception, perhaps the band's most ambitious of its excellent discography.

This double LP follow-up to the superb Machine Gun Etiquette (also available from DPR) is the fourth full length release by the British punk founding-fathers. The LP originally came out in July of 1980, making this its 24th anniversary. This sprawling multi-faceted masterpiece is comprised of traditional punk rock, dark lyrical introspection, haunting sounds, and one side of hard-edged live recordings. It further explores the musical boundaries The Damned were clearly eager to avoid rather than embrace.

From the songs opener, 'Waiting for the Blackout,' through '13th Floor Vendetta' (alluding to the movie The Abominable Dr. Phibes), to its side-length 'Curtain Call,' The Damned prove why they are the most referential and chameleon-like of all the original punk innovators. And why they remain one of the best.


LP 1:
Side 1
1. Wait For The Blackout
2. Lively Arts
3. Silly Kids Games
4. Drinking About My Baby
5. Twisted Nerve
6. Hit or Miss

LP 1:
Side 2
7. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
8. Sick of This And That
9. History of the World Pt. 1
10. 13th Floor Vendetta
11. Therapy

LP 2:
Side 1
12. Curtain Call

LP 2:
Side 2
13. Love Song (Live)
14. Second Time Around (Live)
15. Smash It Up (Parts 1 & 2) (Live)
16. New Rose (Live)
17. I Just Can’t Be Happy Today (Live)
18. Plan 9 Channel 7(Live)

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