Alexander Dmitriev - Svetlanov: Piano Concert in C minor/ Skryabin: Symphony No. 3


Water Lily



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DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download


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This was recorded direct to DSD and mastered & authored by Gus Skinas.  This is the same pure DSD stream used to create the Water Lily SACD.

"I promise you that in my judgment, as impartially as I can possibly make it, these are the best orchestral recordings I have ever heard. Specifically, the two Blumlein ones — Mahler and Shostakovich — seem to me to offer unprecedented concert hall realism. The Skryabin/Svetlanov, done with a different ( but still purist) microphone technique, has a different kind of stereo imaging but has a truly wonderful tonal character — and fantastic music ( the Skryabin is amazing ). I recommend all three CDs the in highest terms. If you buy only three orchestral recordings in the foreseeable future, these are the three to buy!" — Robert E. Greene, contributor to The Absolute Sound

A virtuoso vehicle in the tradition of Liszt and Rachmaninov, Svetlanov's emotionally full-blooded concerto provides the ultimate showcase for internationally renowned pianist Vladimir Ovchinnikov, who has enjoyed a meteoric career since his ground-breaking success in the 1982 Moscow Tchaikovsky Piano Competition. Alternating scintillating showmanship and genuine depth of feeling, this gorgeously seductive work is sure to delight seasoned concertgoers and newcomers alike. The richness and warmth of the Romantic tradition continues in Skryabin's lush and dramatic Third Symphony, which links the emotionally extrovert world of Tchaikovsky to the renewed sense of spirituality essential to our time. A sonic and musical spectacular in every sense, Maestro Dmitriev and the St. Petersburg Symphony wring ever last ounce of passion and excitement from these thrilling scores.

Yevgeny Svetlanov Piano Concerto in C minor
I. Andante
II. Allegro

Yevgeny Svetlanov A minor Prelude

Alexander Skryabin Symphony No. 3 'Le poème divin' (The Divine Poem)
I. Luttes (Struggle). Lento - Allegro
II. Voluptés (Delights). Lento
III. Jeu divin (Divine Play). Allegro

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