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DVD Audio

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Regarded as one of the great jazz-rock drummers, Cobham played with Miles Davis, Dreams, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Spectrum, his first solo album after leaving the Orchestra, was released in 1973, surprising jazz and rock fans alike by selling over a million copies. Features such legendary musicians as Jan Hammer, Tommy Bolin, Lee Sklar, and Ray Baretto. DVD-Audio bonus features include new liner notes by Scott Galloway, an exclusive video interview, and a photo gallery with many previously unpublished pics. This DVD-Audio release has been mixed from the original multitrack master tapes to create the best, most dynamic sound possible. Complete with stereo and surround sound mixes (both standard and audiophile advanced resolution quality), along with bonus video, text, and still imagery content, this disc is playable in any DVD player. However, in order to access the audiophile quality advanced resolution mixes, your DVD player must be DVD-Audio compatible.

1. Quadrant
2. Searching for the Right Door
3. Spectrum
4. Anxiety
5. Taurian Matador
6. Stratus
7. To The Women In My Life
8. Le Lis
9. Snoopy's Search
10. Red Baron

Customer Reviews (4.50 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

No nonsense here. Just Cobham at his best.

posted on 08/20/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Steven J. Sadowski
The actual sound quality of the disc is as good as the original recording. This is slightly above average. The disc has one side in stereo and the other in surround. The surround is actually 3.1 with the rear speakers offering slight assistance. This is actually a good thing since the the album is usually 3-4 piece arrangements. It makes for a more concentrated package,especially when the music is only three pieces, there is no unusual separation. It also comes with an interview with Mr. Cobham . If you were a fan back in the 70's and have a dvda system,then go for it. It sounds as honest and straight forward as it did some 30 plus years ago.

One of my all time favorites both musically and sonically

posted on 10/02/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: Cosmic Cowby
I remember the first time I heard 'Spectrum' I walked into my favorite record store and it was playing. This was 1973 and vinyl was the only format. I had a high end system for the time and I played this album for years. Today I have an audiophile vinyl rig and a decent CD setup. I have just recently added the extra components to have a 5.1 home theater setup. Audiophile speakers, separate surround processor and multiple amps. The sound of this DVD-A is outstanding. This is the first digital setup that compares to a high end vinyl rig. I like the 5.1 copy of this better than my vinyl. Billy take us through an array of emotions with these tracks. Jan Hammer created sounds here that he never made on any other recording. Tommy Bolin brings his rock guitar background into the world of jazz with new sounds, tasteful effects and he jams. If you like jazz fusion you cannot go wrong with this album.

Cobham at his best....

posted on 04/01/2006
5 Stars
The creativity in this recording is stunning....Cobham is never better playing the drums than here....the sound is fantastic and truly displays the musical interaction between the band to the best degree. All time favorite Jazz fusion recording.

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