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The Halcyon AC power conditioner with UP-OCC (Ohno Cast Copper) conductors, maximizes picture and sound quality while providing your expensive electronics with the highest level of protection with 4 individually isolated duplex outlets

Although the Halcyon provides extended protection from surges and aggressive noise reduction it retains the essential drive and musicality that make our power strips so popular.

Most power conditioners create more problems than they solve. Dynamic compression, truncated frequency response, and lack of detail are just a few of the shortcomings you can experience. Sadly, some power conditioners do all those things.

The Halcyon power conditioner protects your equipment while enhancing sound quality in every respect. Unlike the M.O.V.s (metal oxide varistors) found in almost all power conditioners the Halcyon uses a sonically invisible surge suppression mechanism. Surges up to 20,000 amps are suppressed in less than 1 billionth of a second.

Electrically generated noise is a fact of life in today's world. Although you don't hear it directly, when noise is removed, system performance improves dramatically. Detail, dynamics, and dimensional cues are clearly rendered.

The Halcyon has the shortest signal path in the industry. An integrated Hard Rock Maple isolation base, UP-OCC (Ultra-Pure Ohno Cast Copper) conductors, and a noise reduction package that eliminates degrading noise and vibration. Plug your system into a Halcyon power conditioner and improve every aspect of performance dramatically!

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Never say never.

posted on 01/16/2017
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jeffrey
A power conditioner skeptic, but not dogmatically so, I've owned and given up on 4 highly regarded models. The Halcyon, my 5th try, is by far the least expensive and least complicated of the breed I've owned, and happily will be the last. After almost a week of listening, I detect absolutely no degradation of sound and my superb tube preamp and monoblocs are functioning at what I believe is the highest level that their designs will allow. The most complicated, intense symphonic lp recordings in my collection play with a clarity, ease and truthfulness to the source. In short, CablePro's Halcyon is an outstanding piece of kit, most appropriately named.

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