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Ultra compact power amplifier - efficient & audiophile!  

A ultra high-efficiency Bi-Phase PWM (Pulse Wave Modulation) circuit with SMD parts gives outstanding audio performance and stays cool on the outside. Sound quality is aimed to be as close as possible to Class A tube amplifiers with their liquid and lifelike presentation.  

The Amp Box DS Mono is compact-sized and therefore allows easy placement and can be switched on & off remotely via a trigger signal. A 45cm power-on cable is supplied for this purpose. For Bi- or Tri-amplification use, the remote power-on signal can be relayed to further units.

• NEW! Improved PWM-circuitry (Pulse Wave Modulation)  
• NEW! Improved signal spectrum and lower distortion  
• NEW! 2 ohms drive capability  
• High efficiency from mains to audio power (92%)  
• SMD design for shortest signal path  
• Low heat emission  
• Line level input & loop-out (RCA)  
• Gold-plated 5-way speaker binding posts  
• Suitable for banana/spade/pin/bare wire  
• Trigger input & loop out  
• Metal casing protects against vibration and interference  
• Available in black or silver  

Power Output: 1 x 125W / 195W @ 8 ohms/4 ohms
2 ohms drive capability
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 50kHz (+ 0dB, - 3dB)
Signal To Noise Ratio: >-100dB (IEC -A)
THD: < 0.1% @ 90W
Gain: 26dB
Pre-amp Input: 1x RCA with loop-out
Input Sensitivity: 1.5V
Input Impedance: 100kohm
Speaker Port: 4mm Ø Banana, spade or bare wires
Trigger 12V DC: In&Out, 2-pole jack Ø 2,5mm
External Power Supply: 48V/2,5A DC;100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Standby Power Consumption: < 1 watt
Dimensions W x H x D: 103 x 72 x 144 (163mm including sockets)
Weight: 1290g without power supply

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