Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation

Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation





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140 / 150 Gram Vinyl Record

150 Gram LP  

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Jefferson Airplane's Crown of Creation on heavyweight vinyl, pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Sourced from the original analog master tapes; cover art meticulously reproduced

In their late 1960s heyday, the Jefferson Airplane embodied the era's revolutionary attitude and experimental spirit like no other rock act. Their unique combination of adventurous musicianship, visionary lyrics and personal charisma defined San Francisco psychedelia and established the band as quintessential Aquarian-age messengers.

Released in the fall of 1968, Crown of Creation found the ever-evolving Airplane moving towards a heavier, more concise approach on such tunes as "Greasy Heart" "In Time," "If You Feel" and the soaring title number. The band's folk-rock roots are reflected on Slick's whimsical "Lather" and the David Crosby penned "Triad," and the album culminates in grand style with "The House at Pooneil Corners," one of the Airplane's most epic excursions. The resulting album vividly captures the spirit of its time, and stands as a powerful testament to Jefferson Airplane's brilliance.

As part of Sundazed's ongoing mission to present classic LPs in all their original sonic and visual glory, the first generation stereo masters were sourced and the cover art was meticulously reproduced.



1. Lather
2. In Time
3. Triad
4. Star Track
5. Share a Little Joke
6. Chushingura
7. If You Feel
8. Crown of Creation
9. Ice Cream Phoenix
10. Greasy Heart
11. House at Pooneil Corners

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posted on 02/19/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Lowel
I like the sound of this lp more volume and more surface noise not perfectly flat but no skips.was advertised as being pressed by QRP but it doesn't look like it and came with plain white paper sleeve not a QRP sleeve like other QRP pressings .

detailed and balanced

posted on 02/07/2016
4 Stars
I still suspect some digital processing in the chain, but on the whole the sound on this release is balanced, with very good hall sounds, good inner detail and good dynamics.

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