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One of the Most Enduring Bands of All Time FINALLY Gets The Analogue Productions Treatment!

Cut by Kevin Gray from the Original Analog Masters and Pressed on 200-gram Vinyl At Quality Record Pressings!

There'll Be Dancing In The Streets!

Terrapin Station - released in 1977 - marked the Dead's first studio album in two years and their return to a major label, in this case Arista Records. The band hired an outside producer for just the second time, using Keith Olsen, a former member of the '60s garage rock band Music Machine.

Highlights are abound and include the title suite that extends to cover all of Side B, as well as the disco-like reworking of the Martha & The Vandellas hit "Dancin' In The Streets," the Rev. Gary Davis cover of "Samson and Delilah" and the classic "Estimated Prophet."

The record - like the band - is a beautiful amalgamation of styles, with rock, funk, disco, strains of reggae. The record - as their ninth studio effort overall - has a decidedly tighter and more cohesive feel than the live material for which they became legendary. All the same, it's unmistakable classic Dead all the way, and in fact much of the material from this record became live staples for the band for the rest of their existence.


Estimated Prophet
Dancin' In The Streets
Samson And Delilah
Terrapin Station Medley

Customer Reviews (4.33 Stars) 3 person(s) rated this product.

maybe I got a bum copy

posted on 03/12/2012
3 Stars
My copy had a lot of "shag" around the edge and wasn't trimmed evenly, not sure if there are other issues. Customer service immediately agreed to send me a new copy (thank you) when I contacted them about it.

But, the disc just didn't excite me. I agree its detailed and quite, but didn't find it dynamic and didn't get me dancing in the streets. On the other hand, Reckoning is simply incredible and there's no way to sit while listening to it.

Absolutley Wonderful Remastering job.

posted on 02/21/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: JT
I just played the Quality Record Pressing newly remastered 200 gram version of Terrapin Station and was totally blown away by the records extraordinary explosive dynamics and ultra detailed subtleties that I've not quite previously heard before. I own a few different versions of this record on vinyl including the Nautilus Superdisc. But this New Quality Record Pressing surpasses them all by sounding most naturally musically involving. Best of all the vinyl is DEAD quiet.

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