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After years as one of the most prolific and successful songwriters in pop music, Carole King emerged in the 1970s with Tapestry, an album that catapulted her to the forefront of the singer/songwriter movement. While she had mined her back catalog for that album, she relied more heavily on songs written with new collaborator Toni Stern for Music. Time has shown this album to be one of her finest. Her songwriting is still in peak form, and there are many highlights including "It's Gonna Take Some Time" (also made into a hit by the Carpenters) and "Song of Long Ago" (with backing vocals by James Taylor). — All Music Guide

Back to California
Brother, Brother
Carry Your Load
Growing Away from Me
It's Going to Take Some Time
Some Kind of Wonderful
Song of Long Ago
Sweet Seasons
Too Much Rain

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posted on 03/05/2012
3 Stars
Reviewer: Clive
Although this disc is clear and of excellent quality there are two tracks where the voice has significant distortion. Although MOFI warns on the cover of the cd that there may be distortion because they do not attempt to correct error that may be on the master tape it was still a musical let down to experience major distortion for the price charged. A generic claim on all disc is not good. When MFSL produced some of their first albums, for example Sticky Fingers - Rolling Stones, they included a specific warning via a sticker. This is a much better practice since you are aware that you were purchasing an album with significan floors. This is an insult to the artist.

Could be better

posted on 12/14/2011
4 Stars
It sounds very clean but track 2, her voice is very distorted. Over all it's very nice but a bit on the flat side to my ears.

Some Kind of Wonderful

posted on 12/03/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Greg
Anybody who loves Tapestry but doesn't own this album should hear it. The songwriting, performance, and production are all first-rate, a shining example of the seventies singer-songwriter era, and a very underrated album. The SACD sounds wonderful, all warm and smooth. The CD layer and especially the SACD layer are huge upgrades from the original Ode U.S. CD.

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