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The Van den Hul Polarity Checker is a unique device that will come in handy in fine-tuning your audio installation to enhance its resolving capabilities by minimizing its residual ground currents;
However, it also serves as a voltage, phase and cable-interruption checker with all kinds of electrical appliances in and around the house:

  • Works without a battery, thus is always ready for use!
  • Its liquid crystal display safely senses and indicates the voltage relative to your body (=ground), that is present at any object touched with its screwdriver blade.
  • It measures 12V to 230V, AC and DC in 12, 36, 55, 110 and 220V indication steps and also can indicate the presence of electric stray fields.
  • Very sensitive and safe: Its leakage current is less than 3µA.
  • The Van den Hul Polarity Checker is supplied with clear operating instructions describing the residual ground current minimization procedure.
  • Do not use with AC or DC voltages exceeding 250 Volts!


About residual ground currents flowing in your audio installation:

Due to the fact that most audio equipment in your installation is powered by the mains voltage, an unavoidable hum voltage residual is induced on all cabinets and audio grounds. At all audio devices these residual voltages are of different magnitude (or phase) and will balance out by means of ground currents flowing through the shields of your interconnecting cables.
Generally, these ground currents are in the same order of magnitude as the audio signal currents being transferred (microAmperes), and thus are likely to interfere, thereby reducing transparency and imaging.
With the van den Hul POLARITY CHECKER, you can simply fine-tune your audio system to eliminate, or at least strongly reduce, these residual ground currents and thus improve your system’s performance.

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