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Coldplay - Prospekt's March EP

Limited Edition

Coldplay - Prospekt's March EP



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Prospekt's March features five songs that weren't finished in time for the release of Coldplay's Viva La Vida Or Death An All His Friends earlier this year, a Jay-Z collaboration and two other tracks.

1.   Life In Technicolor ii
2.   Postcards From Far Away
3.   Glass Of Water
4.   Rainy Day
5.   Prospekt's March/Poppyfields
6.   Lost+
7.   Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)
8.   Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground
Customer Reviews (4.50 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

same as lp very good

posted on 11/21/2008
4 Stars
Reviewer: rolf
got it today live in norway..very good sound. the version of lost was very good.. buy it..if you liked the will like this one too..same style as the lp

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