HiFi-Tuning - Fuse - Large

 (6.3x32mm/ Fast Blow - 3A)

Do your high-end components use five-cent fuses? Can there be any doubt that this is a "choke point" in the performance of these components? Now, you can purchase true audiophile-grade fuses. These are hand-made and tested in Germany, feature gold-over-silver end caps, pure silver wiring and ceramic casing, rather than glass, for better resonance characteristics.

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Worthwhile upgrade!

posted on 11/12/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael Deeb
After reading many positive reviews of the HiFi Tuning fuses, I finally decided to replace my stock Maggie 3.6 fuses with these (LG 3A and 5A fast blow). I noticed an immediate improvement in clarity, detail, dynamics and soundstage depth. At first I was concerned that the sound had become overly bright, but after a couple of hours the mids were "fleshed out" again (not unlike my experience with cables in general--except that cables typcically take 80-150 hours or more to fully warm up). These can run $50 each elsewhere. Four of these with shipping cost about $150 from Acoustic Sounds. With the exception of power cord upgrades, I know of nothing more cost effective in improving a sound system. Highly recommended!

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