Sir Malcolm Sargent - Prokofiev: Lieutenant Kije Suite / Shostakovich: Symphony no. 9


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Sargent seems to have a real feel for these Russian Orchestral Favorites. Both performances are in the Sargent tradition of a little slower in pace than some of his contemporaries, however, as we all know faster is not always better. In this case, the deliberate pace is very revealing of the glorious intricacy of these classical gems. Refreshing interpretations by a top-notch conductor with a world-class orchestra in the heart of the golden age of recording – what more can an audiophile ask for? These Everest 35mm recordings by Bert Whyte at London's famed Walthamstow Assembly Hall are truly Majestic in their size and sense of orchestral realism, mostly due to the high and low frequency detail and dynamics that are recorded only on 35mm film. In the words of Len Horowitz from History of Recorded Sound, "35mm has its own wisdom." It is hard to describe other than to say that there is something about the live event that 35mm can capture and recreate that you can't get from conventional tape formats – there is a certain retained magic with 35mm, as this disc, like the rest, will attest.

This LP was cut directly from the 35mm magnetic film using a vintage Westrex 1551 tape machine, with specially built playback electronics that are vastly superior to any others used on these machines to playback the original 35mm tapes. The Len Horowitz/History of Recorded Sound specially modified 1551, fitted with brand new playback heads matched to the revolutionary playback electronics was stationed at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. With Len Horowitz running the playback machine and Bernie Grundman mastering from the three-track 35mm tapes, Classic Records has been able to cut the legendary sound and performances directly from the 35mm magnetic film through Classic's all-tube tape playback system. Authentic tip-on construction jackets with all original artwork and labels add to this must have deluxe LP edition.

1. Shostakovich: Symphony no. 9, Op. 70
2. Prokofiev: Lieutenant Kije Suite Suite, Op. 60

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Good stuff; nice cover too...

posted on 10/23/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Gerald
This is a very fine record indeed; highly recommended. Sargent is good in the Shostakovich, but fantastic in the Prokofiev. He always had an affinity for the latter, think of his famous performance of Peter and the Wolf or the Classical Symphony, for instance. The sound is great, and even though my copy has some surface noise it is inconsequential.

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