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The pinnacle of analog is within your reach. Passionate analog audiophiles have been challenged for decades on how to best obtain the reality, atmosphere and passion of artists from a black vinyl groove. Rising to these challenges, Phase Tech designed the P-1 and P-3 Moving Coil phono cartridges to recreate the reality of music. Augmenting the cartridges are the T-1 and T-3 step-up transformers, created for low impedance cartridges and optimized to enhance the sonic performance of the P-1 and P-3 cartridges.

Special Features
  • High rigid and light pure-boron for the cantilever
  • Duraluminum with DLC treatment for the body base
  • Manufactured with regards to proper mechanical grounding.  Duraluminum with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) treatment increases hardness to the equivalent of diamond synthesized by the gas phase synthetic method.
  • 6N oxygen-free high-conductivity copper for the coil
  • Low-coercivity, high-saturation-flux-density pure iron for the coil bobbin
  • High-coercivity, high-saturation-flux-density ferro-cobalt alloy for the yoke
  • Samarium-cobalt for the magnet
  • Principle : Moving Coil
  • Impedance : 4 ohms
  • Tracking Force Range : 1.7 to 2.0 gram
  • Output Voltage : 0.27 mv or more  at 1,000 Hz, 50mm/s horizontally
  • Compliance : 7.3 x 10-6 cm/dyne at 100 Hz
  • Reproduction Frequency Range : 10 to 30,000 Hz
  • Channel Separation : 30 dB or more at 1,000 Hz
  • Channel Balance : 1 dB or less at 1,000 Hz
  • Recommended temperature : 20 to 26 deg C (approx. 68 to 78 deg F)
  • Dimension : W28 mm (1.10")x L17 mm (0.67")x H16 (0.63"), Weight 10.9g

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