Furutech - E-TP80 AC Power Filter




Product No.:
W E-TP80
EAN: 4582237530346

Line Conditioners

Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

This newly developed component is designed for solving today’s common problem of AV equipment’s inability to perform at its peak level due to contaminated electrical power.

A special material called GC-303 is paved on the chassis of the E-TP80 using a special Epoxy resin to absorb electromagnetic waves. Like an antenna that receives radio waves, the GC-303, in a non-contact way, effectively absorbs the electromagnetic waves conducted by all of the internal fittings. It skillfully avoids the degradation of audio quality that results as electricity currents are filtered through a series of passive components. The E-TP80 does not use any vertical or horizontal noise filters that potentially degrade audio quality because as electricity currents pass filters, audio output becomes less leaping and less powerful.

Rating: Voltage: AC 125V 50/60 Hz
Fuse Current: 15A
Loading Watt: 1875 W
Grounding outlet: 8 holes
Overload Protective Type: automatic circuit breaker
Leakage Current: under 1 mA

body material = Alloy plate (painted)
outward size = 400 x 130 x 60 mm
weight = 1.72 kg

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