John Williams - Jaws

 (Music From The Motion Picture)





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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP


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Vinyl Record

180-gram double LP

The full score as it appears in the film. This is the first time this original version has ever been released on vinyl as the original soundtrack LP. Subsequent reissues were all actually re-recorded cues made especially for that LP. The album is produced by Mike Matessino who painstakingly restored, edited and remastered every cue for this release. John William's score has never sounded better. The full package art is by Phantom City Creative who has done an absolutely immense job.

1. Jaws – Main Title
2. The First Victim
3. Remains On The Beach
4. The Empty Raft (Extended Version)
5. The Pier Incident
6. Father And Son (Film Version)
7. The Alimentary Canal
8. Ben Gardner’s Boat
9. Montage
10. Into The Estuary
11. Out To Sea (Film Version)
12. Tug On The Line
13. Man Against Beast (Film Version)
14. Quint’s Tale
15. Brody Panics
16. Barrel Off Starboard
17. Great Chase
18. Shark Tows Orca
19. Three Barrels Under
20. From Bad To Worse
21. Quint Thinks It Over
22. The Shark Cage Fugue
23. The Shark Approaches (Film Version)
24. The Shark Hits The Cage
25. Quint Meets His End
26. Blown To Bits
27. Jaws – End Title

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