Earth, Wind & Fire - All 'N All

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Earth, Wind & Fire All N All on 180-gram translucent gold vinyl!

40th Anniversary limited edition, gatefold jacket and poster included

Earth, Wind & Fire are truly a worldwide gift to soul, rock and pop music enthusiasts everywhere. Over four decades in the music business and still going strong, their hit albums and top charting singles continue to captivate millions of fans all over the globe.

In 1977, the hit making machine of Maurice White, Verdine White, Phillip Bailey, Ralph Johnson and Co. drove the EWF brand into new stratospheric heights. With the help of a collection of amazing songs that reached new boundaries, netting the funk and soul superstars multi-platinum heights with their multiple Grammy Award winning All N All.

All N All leads off with the unbelievable funk groover smash "Serpentine Fire" featuring the voice and stellar persona of the late great Maurice White. Further smashes drove the album to the top of the charts with monster hits like "Fantasy" and "I'll Write A Song For You," both featuring the super vocals of Phillip Bailey, plus the Grammy Award winning instrumental Runnin and the great Maurice White smash hits "Love's Holiday" and "Be Ever Wonderful."

This masterpiece included enough hits to be called a greatest hits album in its own right, making this multi-platinum LP one of the most revered in their long lasting and huge catalog of EWF recordings.

For this 40th Anniversary Limited Edition, the LP is mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Donny Hathaway/ Aretha Franklin/Chic) on audiophile translucent gold vinyl.

We further enhance this limited edition with the original stunning gatefold cover featuring the original LP sized artwork elements for the first time in decades, as well featuring a double sided 12 X 24 poster, featuring photos of the band, lyrics and a new quote from the late great Maurice White for this special anniversary Friday Music release.


1. Serpentine Fire
2. Fantasy
3. In The Market Place (Interlude)
4. Jupiter
5. Love’s Holiday
6. Brazilian Rhyme (Interlude)
1. I’ll Write A Song For You
2. Magic Mind
3. Runnin’
4. Brazilian Rhyme (Interlude)
5. Be Ever Wonderful

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