Supertramp - Crime Of The Century


Total download size: 1.8GB Total play length: 44:20

Cover art included, liner notes not included

Steering their art-rock origins into new pop territory, Supertramp made their first strike with this 1974 Top 40 LP. This is the one with their all-time classic. Includes "Bloody Well Right," the prog-pop gem "Dreamer," the dreamy title song, and more!

1. School
2. Bloody Well Right
3. Hide In Your Shell
4. Asylum
5. Dreamer
6. Rudy
7. If Everyone Was Listening
8. Crime Of The Century

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posted on 01/27/2018
5 Stars
Reviewer: BobE
This is one of my favorite all-time albums and I own multiple copies including a MFSL half speed master vinyl and the red book CD. This 192 kHz FLAC is missing a ton of the transparency in the top end. It's just flat and not open or enjoyable.

Not an Improvement

posted on 12/20/2014
3 Stars
Reviewer: Steve K
Well, I think they destroyed the big sound stage this album used to have which made this album such a dellight. Seems the high end levels have been brought down. For example, the saw in "Hide In You Shell" is not near as prevalent as in other versions and the piano on "Bloody Well Right" just isn't as bright and airy. Its not all bad news, though. Dynamic range is good. Stiil, The Mofi gold cd is better in my opinion which is not as good as some of the nice vinyl out there.

Like most digital downloads, there is no info about who did the encoding, equipment used, whether the original master was used, etc. Slapped on the tape deck and run through a DAC i have to assume...shame. There are great sounding downloads out there...this one won't win any prizes, in my opinion. I wish it was so, however.

Hopefully, one of the fine audiophile labels will digitize this album with some TLC and put the three dimensions back in the soundstage. Is there anybody listening?

Better than the Blu-ray release

posted on 12/18/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ed Hilston
Up until recently my go to version was the SHM CD from Japan. I recently received the Blu-ray and upon first audition it seemed no better than the CD. I had to turn the volume up on the Blu-ray before an improvement over the CD revealed itself, it is definitely there though. Overall I was not blown away with the Blu-ray but it was an improvement over the SHM CD so I thought it was money well spent. Then I started to read on the SA-CD forum page that the FLAC download was a big improvement. Once again I had to make the purchase because I just had to know. So off to Acoustic Sounds website I went and downloaded the new FLAC file. I was skeptical of it's difference since it suppose to be from the same source but it only took a few seconds of listening and it was very clear. This was a vast improvement over the Blu-ray. The difference was bigger than the SHM CD to Blu-ray. I do not know why this is, it just is. So if you have the ability to play the FLAC

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