Acoustic Sounds - 12''/ 25 Box Bundle 12'' x 12'' x 4''

Acoustic Sounds - 12''/ 25 Box Bundle 12'' x 12'' x 4''

Acoustic Sounds



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Who has the most rugged custom-designed shipping boxes in the retail audiophile record sales business? Us of course. And how well do our boxes perform? Exceptionally! Chances are virtually nil that in thousands of miles of global travel, packaging failure leads to a creased or dented album arriving at your doorstep.

Now You Can Pack And Ship Like Pros!

Bowing to demand, we’re now offering these same fine corrugated cardboard shipping boxes to our customers, in four sizes. These boxes  are available to domestic customers only, sold only in bundles at designated quantities.

12-25 box

The 12-25 box is 12" x 12" x 4" and is blank save for the manufacturers mark. It's designed to fit 25 single, or 12 double LPs. Two 12 boxes fit together into a single QRP box for added protection in shipment. This is how we ship internationally, and it's part of our standard shipping system for wholesale and other larger orders. Available solely as a 25-box bundle. Each bundle weighs 13.85 lbs.


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