Todd Rundgren - Hermit Of Mink Hollow


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AFRM 216981
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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP

Limited edition 180-gram LP with original jacket artwork and lyrics

Mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios

As founding member of the late sixties Philly rockers Nazz, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and producer Todd Rundgren was barely in his 20's when he began his long successful solo journey as one of the music industry's most prolific and celebrated rock artists.

For his 1978 masterpiece Hermit Of Mink Hollow, Rundgren delivers 12 solid performances which find the multi-talented artist handling all of the instruments, vocals and production. Album opener "All The Children Sing" sets the stage for a magical journey that only Rundgren can deliver and is quickly followed by two stellar ballads including the timeless smash "Can We Still Be Friends" and the R&B infused "Hurting For You."

The LP continues to thrill with even more Rundgren staples such as the hard rockin' "Determination," the bossa nova groove of "Too Far Gone," and his follow-up hit single "You Cried Wolf." Known to incorporate keen social commentary into his songwriting, Todd produces some of the finest of his career with the brilliant "Bag Lady and Bread" which is then followed by more hard rockers such as the guitar driven "Out Of Control," the stellar piano ballad "Lucky Guy, and the beautiful "Fade Away" which aptly closes out the album.



1. All the Children Sing
2. Too Far Gone
3. Out Of Control
4. Lucky Guy
5. Onomatopoeia
6. Determination
7. Bag Lady
8. Can We Still Be Friends
9. Bread
10. You Cried Wolf
11. Hurting For You
12. Fade Away