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All the tools you need to set up your system and listening area. Featuring the voice of RR's Technical Director, "Prof." Keith O. Johnson! The successor to the best-selling Sheffield/XLO Disc (no longer in print), this is the step-by-step guide to setting up and calibrating your audio system. Roger Skoff of XLO (innovator in the field of speaker cables and audio interconnects) and "Prof." Keith O. Johnson of Reference Recordings (audio guru, equipment designer and co-inventor of HDCD) lead you through a quick and easy system setup. Just playing this disc will improve the sound of your stereo or home theater system. Plus six tracks of magnificent music from the Reference Recordings catalog guaranteed to turn your customers on to this remarkable label.

1. System Burn-In
2. Channel Identification
3. Prof. Johnson Does Something Spatial
4. Demagnetizing Sweep
5. Skoff And Johnson Guide You Though System Setup
6. Demagnetizing Fade
7. 315 Hz Test Tone
8. Clap Track
9. Relative And Absolute Phase Check

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

the xlo experience

posted on 07/30/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: darrel
like so other many people i thought this was just a stab in the dark of working. but ive used for prob 15yrs and every time i use it it always makes an improvement on the sound of my equpment example like if i buy a new cd player or chnge speakers running the test cd really helps you can tell the sonic difference you can actually hear it you dont have to measure . i would highly rec this cd to anyone whether you have an exp or low budget system it will make a diiference in your system . try it

A CD Players Best Friend: XLO RR HDCD

posted on 08/19/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: James Ciechanowski
I have used ( and still do ) the XLO RR HDCD for years to burn in and demagnitize all kinds of systems: Levinson, Krell, VTL and more. Even in my car CD player, a Bose Wave, portable CD players, uploaded to an i pod nano, you name it. All have been improved in sound quality with this CD. Highly Recommended! James Ciechanowski

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